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Spencer Reed, Alexander Garrett, Jason Michaels star in Raging Stallions video It Gets Bigger

Mesmerized by a wall with cutout glory holes, well-hung and furry Jason Michaels faces a pair of big boners popping in and out. He attacks the two monster cocks with his mouth, nursing on one before switching to the other. These super-sized cocks are attached to Alexander Garrett and Spencer Reed , who peer over the wall and watch the energized Jason eagerly sucking their cocks. They comeout from behind the wall to get more aggressive with their big fanjamming their two power tools down Jason's throat. Alexander moves to the back to shove his big uncut dick inside Jason's tight crack, yielding this power position to Spencer only when they decide to tradeplaces at both ends of their prey. The happy trio continues to rock outon the table top with Jason down on his back getting plugged in his asshole by Alexander while still feeding on Spencer's dick. The two big guys switch places again but it doesn't faze Jason as he rolls along with the program that finally climaxes with all of them blasting their loads.

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Read Hot Sex Stories. He runs his large hands all over my body, as if trying to feel my limitations with the tips of his fingers. The heat from the car mildly burns my back, but in a good way. He gets to my socks, the only remaining clothes I have on (the underwear went with the pants).

Have you ever had a “jock/working man take off your socks? Do it! There isn’t anything smooth or gentle about it. He fumbles around lifting my leg so high that I have to shift so as not have something broken. It is as if every time he touches each spot on my foot it translates directly to my cock. I am now harder than ever. I just know that if he touches my big toe I am going to cum! PHEW! The sock is off. uh oh… here goes the other foot. I lie in ecstasy for about two minutes as he works the other one.

Now he’s sweating. He gets the other sock off with one fit of might. I don’t think he enjoyed that anywhere near as much as I en-joyed it! But I can see he is still as hard as a rock himself. He timidly fondles my cock. I am wondering what is going through is mind. Still no smiles, no words. Just deliberate animal drive.

He lifts my legs up and pulls my ass toward his pulsing cock. I slide easily from the sweat I had built up. I can see that his heart is beating fast by the slight rise of his phallus with each beat. Oh shit . . . he’s just going to poke me without any warmup. I jam my foot onto his chest (god his pecks are beautiful!), trying to hold him back. but with the shove of his hand, I am back into my pre-vious prone position.

It is all becoming slow motion now. Kind of like watching a rocket take off in slow motion 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Every-thing is going between black and flashing, Oh my god… I am definitely his first ass… there is no caution, no steady entry, no hesitation what so ever. Bam, I feel my insides rip, I am in too much pain to even say anything. I just give out an UHHNNNGH with more depth than I think I have ever thought possible. I am filled to the brim with his manhood and the only thing I can finally get out is a “Jodeme!” (Spanish for “fuck me!”) which was more like a heavy exhale than anything.

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