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Furgasm from Raging Stallion with Daymin Voss and Drake Masters

Raging Stallion videos. When you think of the word it conjures up images of a male horse running in the open wild full of hormones. A stallion looking for his mate. For decades, Raging Stallion has been serving up healty doses of hot wild men who love hot wild men. No hairless twinks or guys in their twenties unless a cub or bear in training but hot muscle men who love sex with other men. Their latest release, Furgasm, is no different. Hot muscular,hairy men get together for hot sex. Sex on the pool table, rimjobs, hot anal fucking. Furgasm features hot gay pornstars Daymin Voss, Drake Masters among other hairy bears and is yours free with a membership. And get the Raging Stallion video catalog with no computer viruses all for your enjoyment.

From Raging Stallion:Bartender Drake Masters is slinging drinks when Daymin Voss enters without words. Daymin can't resist touching Drake's rock-hard, hairy body and Drake responds by reaching down to grope Daymin's massive bulge. That's Daymin's cue to get on his knees to take Drake's thick hairy cock down his throat. He services Drake with an urgency, getting the rough and tumble muscle hunk hard as a rock. Daymin needs a taste of Drake's hairy asshole and bends the stud over to spread his cheeks. When both furry hunks are worked up and sweaty, Drake is ready for dick so Daymin slides his throbbing cock deep into Drake's hole. He pumps away and enjoys the feeling of Drake's warm hole surrounding his big dick. It's Drake's turn to feel Daymin from the inside and bends the stud over to plunge deep into his hole. Drake keeps pounding in and out until Daymin's furry hole makes him ready to blow. Drake pulls out and dumps a load of creamy cum all over Daymin's big sack and hairy taint. Drake isn't quite done yet. He wants a taste of Daymin's load and gets in front of the stud to get what he deserves. Daymin drains his balls all over Drake's beard and face to finish off the furry fun at the bar.
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Without meaning to, my eyes shifted down to his crotch. Under the thin, gray fabric, I could see his dick shift as he stepped forward. In the locker room, we would have given him shit for having a chubber - that time when your cock isn't hard, but it's leaning that way. He moved to the couch, reaching into the pocket of his shorts before he sat. I tried to keep my eyes on the TV as he extracted a condom and a small tube and laid them deliberately on the coffee table.

He sat close to me, feet flat on the floor with his legs well apart. His knee touched mine, and though every instinct in my body told me to move mine away, I didn't. I could smell him faintly - sweat, some cologne underneath it. Maybe Polo, which I wore when I went on dates with women. We watched in silence for a few minutes. The fan was doing little to alleviate the heat, and coupled with my nervousness, I was sweating badly.

My every nerve ending seemed alive. I felt the fabric of the couch against my back, my legs. His knee against mine. My eyes kept flicking down to the condom package, to the tube of ointment. It was as wrinkled as a toothpaste tube closer to empty than full, and was bore a label I'd never seen before - KY Lubricating Jelly. Indeed, my eyes didn't heed any of my requests to watch Sam and Diane. I'd see their antics for a second or two, then they'd move down to the coffee table again. Then to the fat man's crotch. The bulge under his shorts was growing more pronounced.

"Do you like pornos," he asked. I'd seen a lot. My dad had a collection that he was certain I didn't know about. I, of course, knew it like the back of my hand. My hand did a lot of work with them, in fact. Terrible stories, bad music, and very often, Ron Jeremy banging some nubile chick in over her head. I *loved* porn.

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