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I sat there still with a massive boner and thought about what was happening and became more and more turned on, here I was sitting in a changing room stark bullock naked with a massive hardon waiting for some guy I'd never met to came back and suck my cock, for a suit what a weird day.

After a few minutes the guy came back and opened the door, he asked if I minded if he stripped off as well which I didn't, hell it was a 300 suit.

He took off his shirt and actually he had a great body almost as good as mine then he stripped off his trousers and pants and revealed a major league cock, I mean it was huge a good 9" in length and seriously thick and veiny.

"I thought you said you wished you had a dick as nice as mine," I found myself saying with amazement.

"Why do you like my cock?" he asked.

"Well it's certainly impressive," I said.

At this moment I was shaking with the unknown and sexual excitement, I'd never even seen another guy's hardon let alone been this close to such a magnificent one.

"Shall we begin?" he asked.

He bent down between my knees and gently gripped the base of my shaft and began slowly wanking it, I have to admit it felt real good he then began planting soft kisses on the tip of my helmet, a small pearl of pre cum oozed from the end and he slowly licked it away.

My head was spinning this guy knew what his way around a cock and was treating me to a fabulous experience, I leaned back and began panting as I felt my juice rising....
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